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Hi, my name is Richard Willis-Owen. After spending some time trying to find a good mobile first designer myself I realise how daunting it can be searching through Google results to find someone with the right skills for a project.
I'm not pretending to be a team of people, it's just me.

I tend to work on data driven websites - web applications, but I'm versatile and I've been doing a lot of WordPress work recently.
I started my programming career working on complicated back office systems for large companies including Morrisons, American Express and Abbey National / Santander. I like to think that gives me some useful experience when compared with self taught developers. I moved into web development in 2000 firstly in the corporate world then I moved into the fast paced, rapidly changing, small company sector where I've been ever since. At I learned to be a generalist where I did everything necessary to run a website from hosting & security through to development and handling 25k visitors a day.

I've been working freelance for more than 3 years and my long term clients include an industrial pump manufacturer, a sailing charity and a global supplier of motion control technology solutions.

P.S. I'm really into speed


Please note that I'm not a web designer. Most of these sites have been designed by someone else and I've turned the design into a website or web application. If you think you will need design skills as well I'm happy to source a professional to provide these.

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Performance and Speed

"When a page is slow to load, users are more likely to abandon the navigation."
"People want to be able to find answers to their questions as fast as possible — studies show that people really care about the speed of a page."

These are quotes from Google.

Additionally the speed of a page, referred to as page speed is a ranking factor for desktop and mobile. It helps to determine your position in search engine results relative to your competitors.

You can test the page speed of any web page with Google's tools to see how fast they think it is at

You'll get a score from 0-100. Try testing the pages of an agency you may be thinking of using, or one of their clients from their portfolio.

So how do you know if I'm any good?

I haven't got much of a portfolio to look at because most of my work is the programming code behind the pretty graphics and I only have a few clients that I hang onto long term rather than churning out new websites every few weeks.

You can look at my Stack Overflow profile - that's a question & answer site for developers, at the time of writing I'm in position 4,989 out of 11 million users putting me in the top 0.86%, but that is more due to asking some good questions a long time ago. You can also look me up on LinkedIn.

The truth is you can't see if I'm a good freelance web developer by looking here. Hopefully you can see that I'm an honest, down to earth kind of guy, so get in touch and let's see if I can help.

Case Study

Checkfront integration with Salesforce

Checkfront is an online booking system for Tours, Activities, Rentals etc.
Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that gives a single shared view of every customer.

This project was outsourced to me by a local independent consultancy Salt Hub. The client wanted every customer making a booking with Checkfront to be added to Salesforce so there was an easy way to stay in contact with them. They also wanted to ask the customer a few questions when they used Checkfront and have access to the responses in Salesforce.
Checkfront has the concept of Guests so the person making the booking may not actually be attending the activity, they could be booking for a group of other people or their family.

There wasn't anything off the shelf that could do this so a custom solution was necessary.
I built a system using PHP and CodeIgniter 4. When a booking takes place Checkfront passes the information via a webhook and it gets added to a simple queue. Using a queue is a great architectural decision when working with different APIs because if there are internet delays, maintenance or technical issues when trying to process a job in the queue, you can just reschedule it and try again another time.
When you make a booking in Checkfront you can complete the Guest details at a later date so once the details of the person making the booking have been captured a new job is added to the queue for a future date to check if the Guest details have been completed.

Flow chart:

Checkfront Salesforce Integration Flow Chart

If you've got a problem/requirement that's a bit more complicated than a WordPress site with a few off the shelf plugins then get in touch and let's see if I can help.

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I'm located in Ringwood which is on the Hampshire / Dorset border.