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About the Founder and Head of Development, Richard Willis-Owen.

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Commercial Experience

Richard has been a commercial software developer since he graduated in Biology with Computer Science in 1994. He started out working as a Programmer on IBM mainframe systems for Safeway (now Morrisons), Analyst Programmer for American Express then a Consultant for Abbey National (now Santander). Working for those large companies gave him access to top class training and responsibility for IT systems handling millions of pounds.

He moved to web programming in 2000. Since then he has worked with large and small companies and charities and worked on websites that cover online pension systems, house prices (that is where he dealt with 25k daily visitors), estate agency, eCommerce, back end APIs for mobile apps, administration systems & WordPress sites.

Current Day

At the time of writing he is in position 4,968 out of 17+ million users on StackOverflow the developers questions and answer site putting him in the top 0.69% of developers around the world.

Located in Ringwood, Hampshire, he has been running willisowen.net for 5½ years.

In his spare time he enjoys getting behind the wheel of his classic sports car, a red V8 TVR Chimaera.

Photo of Richard Willis-Owen in smart shirt and tie