Web Development

Skills include:

  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • JavaScript,
  • PHP,
  • SQL,
  • WordPress,
  • CodeIgniter,
  • Laravel,
  • jQuery,
  • Vue.js,
  • Bootstrap,
  • Mobile,
  • Responsive,
  • Desktop,
  • APIs,
  • Linux.

And I'm always learning more.
If you want a simple 'brochure' site there are going to be cheaper options elsewhere. You may be better off using Wix or Squarespace. If you want something more complicated then you've come to the right place.

Legacy Systems Maintenance

We understand that a website represents a significant investment and you may need to keep an older one running but it can be a struggle if key staff leave or the agency that built it changes direction. I've got 22+ years commercial experience of building websites so can probably help.


Want a faster loading site? You should do. Google are using page loading speed as a ranking factor. Many companies design for desktop first because that looks great on a big screen and then tweak it for mobile. Google now index your site using mobile emulation so making it load fast on mobile is important for SEO and keeps your visitors happy.

I've got great results recently from simplifying and speeding up a WordPress site then seeing it rise up the search rankings.


I am a technical specialist that can help integrating information technology into businesses and assist you use IT more efficiently to help reach objectives and targets. I can provide advice and recommendations, diagnose problems, increase productivity and temporarily help during a project where the hiring of permanent employees is not necessary.


Most of us have been affected by data breaches and sadly they are commonplace but it is very damaging to a brand. I can review your website for best practices, check it is secure and assist where necessary.

Search Engine Optimisation

There is no secret to SEO just some basic principles and common sense. Basically you need to create great content that others will want to see. I can review your site and recommend improvements, optionaly implement them, and monitor progress by tracking keyword ranking against your competitors.